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Puffy Donations – Supporting Dreams Big & Small

Puffy Donations – Supporting Dreams Big & Small

Together we have donated thousands of mattresses

Support Dreams Big and Small

We want to say thank you for supporting #puffydonation

In this blog you will discover:

  • Our mission to help disadvantaged children sleep in comfort
  • How our #puffydonation program works and how to get involved
  • The incredible initiatives of Penny Lane Centers

Did you know that over 2.5 million American children are homeless? It is a staggering figure and one we think about often. At Puffy, we are on a mission to reduce this statistic significantly.

Since we launched our #PuffyDonation campaign, with your support, together we have donated over 1,000 Puffy Mattresses to help disadvantaged children and families in America sleep comfortably at night.

Puffy Mattress Donation

Thank you for showing your support to the cause. We are proud of the work we have done so far, however, we are just getting started! We have big goals to donate as many thousand Puffy products as possible to children who need it most.

If you would like to get involved all you need to do is post a photo with your Puffy product on Instagram and tag @puffymattress and hashtag #puffydonation. For every 10 photos tagged, we donate one mattress.

It’s that simple. These small steps lead to big changes within our communities.

The Penny Lane Center

A short while ago, we had the opportunity to spend time with Penny Lane Centers - one of our key donation partners. The incredible initiatives established by the team at Penny Lane are aimed at empowering children, youth, and families to reach their potential.

A huge part of being able to reach our potential is having a safe and warm bed to sleep in.

We are proud to play a small role in supporting the mission at Penny Lane. It is our hope that the mattresses we donate remind these children that their dreams do matter.

To find out more about Penny Lane and #puffydonation, click here.