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Puffy Mattress Video Review by Craft Klatch

Mona and Greg are husband and wife, and together they form Craft Klatch, where they talk about their love for DIY, home improvement, and all things lifestyle.

The two of them got together once again to review the Puffy Mattress, checking to see if it would be a good fit for their nightly routine. 

"We don’t always want to kiss each other in the morning - but after such a great night’s sleep, guess what?", says Craft Klatch.

Watch Mona and Gregive the Puffy Mattress a test:

Everything You Need To Know About The Puffy Mattress

The Puffy Mattress has been engineered with award-winning technology to create the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. Manufactured in the USA, our mattresses are hypoallergenic, come with a cooling gel layer that makes sleep breathable, cool, and cozier than you’ve ever experienced.

1. Quick Delivery, Conveniently Packed   

Every Puffy product gets shipped between 1 - 3 business days after your order. Mona’s shocked by how her queen size mattress fits in one, compact box, and you will be too!

With quick and safe delivery and an unboxing process that makes setting up your mattress simple, you’ll be sleeping cozily in no time. Discover what you can expect from your new Puffy Mattress.

2. Motion-Isolation For Restless Sleepers & Couples

As Greg mentions, the motion isolation features of the Puffy Mattress make it the ideal choice for restless sleepers who toss and turn through the night.

Motion isolation also makes the Puffy Mattress perfect for couples who share their bed, since it allows you to sleep undisturbed, regardless of movement on your bed. 

3. A 101-Night Sleep Trial For Extra Assurance

Just like with every other Puffy product, you get 101 nights to test out whether the Puffy Mattress truly helps you get the sleep of your dreams.

You can test your product out for over three months, which is the perfect option if you’re not sure about taking the leap and switching over to sleeping on a cloud - what’s there to lose?

"The most restful sleep we’ve had together, ever", says Craft Klatch.


We’re lucky to have Mona and Greg be such proud Puffy customers! Now it's your turn - try the Puffy Mattress today and experience better sleep for yourself.

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