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10 Aesthetic Room Decor Ideas To Spruce Your Space

10 Aesthetic Room Decor Ideas To Spruce Your Space

Aesthetic rooms are a relatively new type of interior design, which quickly became trendy thanks to Tiktok, especially among teens. Aesthetic rooms prioritize the effect on your senses and emotions. This includes lighting, decoration, sounds, and smells to get you in a specific mood or feeling.

With just a touch of decor, your bedroom can be aesthetically-pleasing, and most importantly, a place of tranquility and relaxation. But always remember that the bedroom is the most personal space in your home, so it's best to design it according to your taste and needs. Long hours of going through Pinterest for aesthetic inspo are finally over! We've put together a list of the best aesthetic room ideas recommended by designers to spruce your space.

Bring In The Greenery

Bring In The Greenery | Puffy

One of the best ways to create a soothing and relaxing environment is to have plants in your bedroom. These plants can also improve your sleep quality. Recently, plants are becoming a well-known decor element. For an aesthetic room, using vines to decorate and to add color is very trendy. You can hang vines from the ceiling or use them to frame your headboard, or drape them from one side of the headboard. In other cases, they can even be used as a backdrop behind your bed if your wall is plain and needs decorating. It can be paired with string lights for a whimsical effect.

Additionally, using floor plants can add texture and height to your room - this is especially useful if you have a low-profile bed and want to contrast that. Smaller plants like succulents and cacti can be used as ornaments to decorate shelves or a bookcase. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all plants can thrive in bedroom environments, so you need to find out which ones are best for this type of environment.

Low-maintenance plants include succulents, cacti, ZZ plants, snake, and spider plants. They don’t require much light or water, making them great options for a bedroom. Consider using rattan planters for your floor plants for a natural aesthetic in your room.

DIY An Accent Wall

DIY An Accent Wall | Puffy

Adding an accent wall is one of the oldest tricks to enhance your room aesthetic and they’re also one of the most popular DIY projects. An accent wall can be many things, from brick or wood to any color of paint. It’s mostly a matter of what would suit your room best and what you feel most comfortable with. It can also be as simple as adding wallpaper, wall stickers, or a tapestry to your plain old wall. Aesthetic rooms are popular for having neutral colors that are soothing to the eyes with a dash of color that is usually a pale or pastel color.

For teen girls, a pale pink or lavender accent wall will make great choices! For more budget-friendly options, you can consider wallpaper that can incorporate fun patterns or faux brick wallpaper for an industrial feel. Tapestries are also a big element in aesthetic room decor, you can get creative with the fabric, patterns, and colors, to match your room’s style.

Play With Textures

Play With Textures | Puffy

Texture in a bedroom can range from the sheets you’re sleeping on to the rug you’re stepping on. There are many textures in a room like bedding, curtains, pillows, rugs, and upholstery. It can add depth, height, and coziness to a room - textures make a significant difference in the aesthetics.

To improve your bedroom aesthetic and make it more relaxing, you can add elements like a high-pile shag area rug, a faux fur blanket, or a cable knit throw to add warmth to the room. You can also include different textures in your throw pillows, like fur, macrame, or silk.

Diffuse Soothing Scents

Diffuse Soothing Scents | Puffy

Creating an aesthetic isn’t just about adding visually-pleasing elements, scents can also affect your room aesthetic. You can create a soothing aroma with candles, incense sticks, or essential oil diffusers. Candles come in various scents, whether you’re looking to make your room smell like delicious cookies or fresh flowers - there’s a candle for it. The flickering of a candle is also known to induce sleep, relaxation, and warmth.

As for essential oils, they don’t just smell good, but they have psychological and physical advantages as well. Chamomile and lavender oil can be used to reduce stress and promote relaxation, while lemon and peppermint oil can boost your energy. Candles, incense holders, and diffusers can also be decorative - giving you visuals and scents all at once!

String Lights Are In

String Lights Are In | Puffy

If you’ve spent hours looking at aesthetic bedroom ideas, you’ve probably noticed that string lights are one thing that most aesthetic rooms have in common. This fan-favorite comes in different types, the most popular are bulb, star, or fairy string lights.

These lights create soothing and warm yellow lighting, which is recommended when creating an aesthetic room. They’ll offer a cozy and magical feel to your space. Most importantly, they can be used almost anywhere in the bedroom! You can use them on top of your bed, hang them from the ceiling, or frame furniture, like the headboard, mirror, or bookcase. Additionally, lamps can add to the room's aesthetic! Try adding a rattan floor lamp for a boho vibe or a gooseneck bedside lamp with an exposed bulb for a modern flair.

Personal Touch With Wall Art

Personal Touch With Wall Art | Puffy

The best part about aesthetic room decor is that it doesn’t need to be organized or planned, you can make it your own with just a few personal touches. Wall art is one creative outlet to make your room more personal, the most popular method used is to create wall collages with polaroids or printed photos above your bed.

They can be placed randomly, neatly, or hung by a photo clip string.
You can also use a mesh board or a pinboard to hang pictures as well as other decorative items like dreamcatchers, your school’s pennon flag, or fun trinkets. Another fun idea is to create a gallery wall and hang all of your favorite artwork, this can be done on an accent wall or above your bed. You can use frames to create more depth and a neat look, or you can just hang them with tape. Try and find aesthetic inspo from magazines or posters that you can use on the wall.

Better yet, there are prepared collage kits that you can just purchase, so you won’t have to tear up any magazines! A collage kit is a collection of aesthetic pictures, which are usually in one color scheme so that you can easily find something to fit your room style.

Create Bohemian Vibes

Create Bohemian Vibes | Puffy

Bohemian style is well-known for creating a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, so it is no surprise that it is strongly used for aesthetic bedrooms. One of the main elements used to create boho vibes is plants. There is no such thing as enough plants! Consider adding potted plants to your windowsill, get a tall floor plant, and incorporate hanging vines.

Additionally, macrame is a material you’ll often find in bohemian bedrooms and can be used in planters hanging from the ceiling, a rug, wall art, or a macrame swing chair - if you have the space. This style is often associated with earthy tones like terracotta, brown, and beige, so it may be time for a paint upgrade!

Cottagecore For The Win

Cottagecore For The Win | Puffy

Cottagecore is a movement that quickly became a trend on social media, and is popular among teen girls and young adults. The concept encourages a minimalist and rural lifestyle with a lot of natural elements included. For a cottagecore bedroom, consider incorporating wooden or vintage furniture pieces; wood is widely used in this aesthetic room decor. It can be the bed frame, dresser, or shelves.

Neutral colors are also encouraged, like ivory, beige, or off-white. To give your bed some flair, you can add a canopy above it with sheer drapes for a delicate look. Then for the final touch, add vines or fairy lights on top to make it magical.

Install Floating Shelves

Install Floating Shelves | Puffy

Wood shelving is a great way to boost your room’s aesthetic. It’ll save you space, which is handy if it’s a small room, and you’ll be able to have your aesthetic accessories, like books, mugs, frames, plants, or vases, on full display.
A floating shelf can be placed above the bed or desk, or you can add a few shelves on an accent wall and make it your focal point. Floating shelves are commonly used in aesthetic bedrooms and can make a significant difference in your room decor.

Bed As Focal Point

Bed As Focal Point | Puffy

It is frequent for a bed to be used as a focal point in aesthetic rooms, this is because the bed is always adorned, and the space above it is used a lot. Most aesthetic bedroom ideas include decorating this space with string lights, pictures, or shelves.

As a result, your bedding also plays a role in the room’s aesthetic. For a minimalist style, you can go white on white. Alternatively, you can use your bedding as a way to add more color, patterns, and texture to your room.

Conclusion: Start Getting Creative!

Now that we’ve got all of the basics covered, you’re ready to start creating your perfect aesthetic room. Small changes like string lights or a few photos can make all the difference in your room decor, so don’t hold back and turn it into an aesthetically-pleasing spot for you.

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