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Indoor Garden Ideas That Will Keep Your Home Feeling Zen

Indoor Garden Ideas That Will Keep Your Home Feeling Zen

Are you on the lookout for your next home decor project? Indoor gardens are a great way of integrating one of the top decorating trends of the year, indoor-outdoor living, into your own home.

Plants aren’t just pretty to look at - a 2015 study revealed that incorporating indoor garden ideas into your home has the potential to reduce stress levels and bring out naturally comforting and soothing emotions instead.

Various other studies have gone so far as to suggest plants have a therapeutic presence in the home, improving the overall happiness of those with chronic mental health conditions such as dementia, depression, and even anxiety.

Thinking of flexing your green thumb for a change? Here’s everything you need to know about the trend, along with some of our favourite indoor garden ideas for inspiration:

Decor Styles For Indoor Garden Ideas

puffy indoor decor

Not every decor style works well with an indoor garden, but a lot of them can be adapted to include plants and make them work for you.

Ultimately, bedroom decor styles exist to take inspiration from, rather than restricting your design choices.

Here a few popular bedroom decor trends that might work well with the inclusion of indoor garden ideas:

Boho Homes

Boho homes focus on texture, colour, and pattern, making them the perfect canvas for some lush green indoor garden plants. The vibrant warm tones in a boho home make them a natural pair for incorporating more plants into your space.

Moreover, the boho aesthetic itself is kind of focused on embracing more natural materials, fabrics, and furniture, making indoor garden ideas an organic continuation of this style. Take this bamboo bookcase that’s been repurposed as a plant stand, for example - a perfect addition to any boho space.

Minimalist Homes

People often associate minimalist homes with monochrome colour schemes and sparse palettes, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Minimalism is really about a lifestyle shift and adding plants that are going to purify the air in your space and restore some positive energy is in fact totally in line with what this decor style tries to achieve.

For a minimalist home, try to focus on indoor garden ideas that are clean and functional. These hanging planters will ensure your style remains minimal and neat while still adding a fresh accent to your home.

Coastal Homes

The rustic feel of most beach homes can actually lend themselves surprisingly well to indoor garden ideas. If coastal decor just resonates with you, you don’t need to have a beach home to get your interiors feeling breezy.

Instead, try to incorporate rattan, straw, and bamboo tones of planters that can help contribute to a beachy feel in your home. Be selective about the types of plants you can see thriving in that environment too since you don’t want more delicate plants that might not be able to take the humidity.

Bedroom Plants For Better Sleep

puffy bedroom plants

The bedroom might not seem like an obvious place to start when you’re brainstorming indoor garden ideas, but it should be. Even if you have the most comfortable mattress for sleep, a few plants added to the bedroom can actually boost sleep, feelings of relaxation, and overall beauty in your room.

Here are some popular bedroom plants that might benefit your space:

  • Snake Plants - The sturdy leaves of the snake plant make them easy to maintain. They require bright, indirect light as well as the occasional watering to stay healthy. One of the main benefits of keeping a snake plant in your bedroom is because it converts carbon dioxide to oxygen throughout the day, and even in the nighttime, making it one of the few plants to do so. Your bedroom’s going to feel fresher than ever!
  • Aloe Vera - Another plant that releases oxygen into the night, aloe vera is also a relatively low-maintenance plant, and can go weeks without being watered. Aloe vera is most popularly known for its medicinal properties, and the liquid in its leaves can be used to treat cuts, burns, or even as a moisturizing face mask. A plant that’s going to be handy when it comes to a day of self-care!
  • English Ivy - Find yourself sniffling the minute you tuck yourself to bed? You might need hypoallergenic sheets and an English Ivy plant. English Ivy is among the most popular indoor garden plants and is known for its beautiful wispy leaves. Additionally, this plant can help with absorbing external nasties, such as formaldehyde, as well as any mold or pet feces that might be in the air and causing allergies.

Indoor Garden Ideas For The Kitchen

puffy indoor garden ideas for the kitchen

If the bedroom isn’t where your focus lies, you can still integrate indoor gardening ideas to other parts of your home. The kitchen is yet another place where it’s fun to get creative and think out-of-the-box.

If you have a smaller kitchen, consider vertical gardening to grow some herbs in your space. Vertical gardening involves stacking plants on top of each other, without having to deal with all the clutter arranging them in more typically will involve. Try investing in a vertical planter to help get your garden in shape.

Basil, rosemary, and sage can all grow with a lot of success in your space and can be great additions to your cooking as a fun bonus as you grow them.

You can also re-grow vegetable scraps to get a few weeks of fresh veggies - leafy greens like romaine lettuce, celery, bok choy, and even certain fruit such as pineapple, can all contribute to a better night’s sleep. This ensures you’re able to make the most of all your produce and reduce waste.

Indoor Garden Plants For Communal Rooms

puffy indoor garden plants for communal rooms

Whether it’s the dining room, family room, or living room, communal spaces can be a challenge to get right, especially when it comes to the decor.

There are a couple of things to consider that might be helpful to factor into your planning:

  • The amount of space available - do you have a whole wall you want to dedicate to indoor garden plants, or are you thinking of adding them as accents to complement different parts of the room?
  • The amount of time you have to look after something - stay away from high maintenance plants if you know there’s a strong chance they’ll wilt in a week.
  • Which plants will be complementary to the rest of your decor - minimalist rooms might look better with a snake plant, whereas succulents go particularly well with the boho look.

Indoor plant ideas can range from practical to just plain quirky. For instance, you might consider adding some indoor garden plants to your bathroom - the natural humidity of most showers make them the perfect environment to get your plants thriving while keeping your bathroom looking a little different too.

Don’t have much space? Consider adding a mini succulent garden to your windowsill instead. Succulents are a great choice if you’re nervous about getting started on your indoor garden ideas - they’re low-maintenance, look beautiful in most spaces, and most importantly, can go a long time without water.

Another option for smaller spaces is installing a floating garden. Similar to vertical gardening, installing a spare shelf in a place that gets plenty of light can be a fun way to incorporate your indoor garden ideas without risking keeping your space cramped.

Why Indoor Garden Plants Help You Feeling Zen

puffy indoor garden plants help you feeling zen

We know that plants can instantly brighten up space, but what’s less well known is just how much of an impact indoor garden ideas can have on your well-being.

A lot of research has been done on the many benefits of indoor garden plants. These include:

  • Indoor Plants Can Prevent Illness - Plants act as natural humidifiers for your space, which help decrease issues surrounding dry skin, colds, dry coughs, and even sore throats. Higher humidity also lends well to the prevention of the flu! Sniffle-protection in a pretty package.
  • Indoor Garden Plants Are Natural Air Purifiers - In a research study looking into air quality in closed environments, the space agency has found plants to be especially effective in having air purifying properties. Some of the best plants for purifying the air include chrysanthemums, bamboo palms, and daisies.
  • Indoor Plants Can Accelerate Healing - A study conducted at the Kansas State University found that hospital patients who were exposed to plants experienced lower blood pressure, less pain, and even less anxiety and fatigue than patients who were in rooms without them.
  • Indoor Garden Plants Can Improve Focus - In one study of office productivity, Norwegian researchers found that workers feel far more focused and get more tasks done in environments with plants.

Indoor garden ideas can therefore be great not just to improve your home decor, but also for your overall well-being.

The trick to staying unintimidated by indoor garden ideas, no matter how ambitious the actual project, is to start with a plan, and work backward from there. You’re going to have your own personal mini-sanctuary in no time.

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