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Puffy CEO, Arthur Andreasyan, Explains His Obsession with Sleep

Puffy CEO, Arthur Andreasyan, Explains His Obsession with Sleep

 And Why Everyone Should Sleep Better

Puffy needs no introduction when it comes to comfortable sleeping experiences. 

And it’s no wonder. Puffy CEO, Arthur Andreasyan, is a sleep enthusiast, and his team work hard to create products that illuminate the importance of sleep and redefine traditional notions of bedroom comfort. 

Since launching into the online mattress industry, Puffy has tallied up several best memory foam mattress awards and thousands of mattress reviews.

The once mattress company has evolved and is taking its famous cooling Cloud Comfort to all areas of the bedroom. 

Two other cooling mattress models now join the original Puffy memory foam mattress: the highly popular Puffy Lux and the recently released premium mattress, the Puffy Royal. 

As well as three mattresses, Puffy’s growing product range includes bedding, a plush weighted blanket, bed frames, including a contemporary adjustable bed frame complete with a wireless remote, and even a Puffy Dog Bed. 

When it comes to better sleep, Puffy is considering all members of the family, and furry friends are no exception. 

A recent sit down with Puffy CEO Arthur Andreasyan provides insight into why the company is obsessed with curating better sleep experiences. 

What is it about helping people sleep better that is so important to you?

I believe better sleep and a focus on creating proper sleep hygiene can solve a lot of the problems we deal with as humans. Deep restorative sleep can reduce tension, support the immune system, recover our bodies, and allow us to wake up happy, ready to take on the best of life, as well as tackle the inevitable challenges. 

The only way we can be the best version of yourself is to have a well-rested mind and body. 

What makes Puffy one of the best-rated mattresses?

Puffy Lux Mattress

When developing our cloud mattresses, we conducted research and reviewed expert opinion to identify the critical factors of rejuvenating sleep. Inventing a comfortable mattress is just one component - we discovered that to sleep well, one must stay cool, so temperature regulation is a must.

Sleepers also need support. The Puffy mattress is designed to provide targeted support and assist with alleviating pressure points for deep relaxation. 

The perfect balance of comfort and relaxation stems from the level of firmness the mattress holds. We know that firmness is critical, primarily because people rest in various sleeping positions. What sets Puffy apart is that our premium memory foam formulation is firm yet soft, and it makes people feel like they are sleeping on a cloud. 

Cool, comfortable, and supportive sleep is what people can expect when sleeping on a Puffy bed mattress. Plus, some added service benefits along the way such as our 101 Night Sleep Trial, our lifetime warranty mattress, mattress financing, and free shipping. 

How can sleeping on a Puffy Mattress help someone improve their sleep?

Generally, lack of sleep is a result of a poor bedtime routine, pain in the body, and disruptions throughout the night, such as noise or the movement of a partner. 

Fixing a bedtime routine includes many factors beyond the mattress, such as diet, too much screen time, and excessive caffeine before bed. These habits need to be controlled by individuals, and small changes can go a long way. 

Where Puffy comes in is to assist with easing pressure off muscles and joints for deep rejuvenating rest. Our specially formulated memory foam mattresses contour to the body. This means side sleepers, back sleepers, and everyone in between will feel consistent support, no matter how they turn.

Puffy also improves sleep because the density of the mattress helps to isolate motion. If a partner gets up in the middle of the night or makes a swift movement, the mattress absorbs the pressure, so disturbance is kept to a minimum. 

What is the secret to your sleep routine?

As well as ensuring my bedroom is designed for optimal sleep, I always follow the same bedtime routine. Clearing clutter from my room, eliminating screen time 1 hour before bed, and meditation are the main parts of my routine.