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King Size Bed vs. Queen: What is the Difference?

King Size Bed vs. Queen: What is the Difference?

Deciding on a mattress size can be tricky when you don’t know what to look for. When doing a king size bed vs queen comparison, you need to think of more than just a mattress to sleep on. Comfort is important but you also need to factor in bedroom size, number of sleepers, and budget.

Your mattress is an important investment in your mental and physical health. The right mattress can offer restful nights that’ll translate to productivity and positive energy throughout the day.

What is a King Size Bed?

What is a King Size Bed? | Puffy

A king size bed is a great choice for couples, especially for those that sleep with a child or a pet. King size bed dimensions are 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. When comparing a king size bed vs queen, the king size is an extra 16 inches wider than a queen size mattress. It is suitable for couples that like to sprawl out while sleeping since it leaves each person with 38 inches of personal space.

The king bed is one of the largest mattress sizes on the market and is popular in spacious homes and open plan spaces. Other king mattress types include:

  • California King Mattresses: Narrower than a standard king size but has 4 inches of extra legroom for taller individuals. Its dimensions are 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. It is the longest mattress in the market, designed specifically for individuals that are taller than six feet.
  • Split King Mattresses: This refers to combining two separate twin size mattresses to form a single mattress. It is suitable for couples with different mattress firmness preferences or want to use a special type of bed frame for their sleep.

What is a Queen Size Bed?

What is a Queen Size Bed? | Puffy

Queen size mattress dimensions are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, this mattress is the most common type for couples. It’s less wide than a king size mattress, and allows two adults to sleep close together, comfortably. It is a comfortable size for couples that don’t need extra sleeping space. Even though the king size bed is more spacious, the queen size is the most common bed size sold in the United States. A survey by the International Sleep Products Association concluded that the market share for queen beds is 32% while king beds only take up 7%.

The queen size bed is a great option for single sleepers that want extra sleeping space or for a couple. It isn’t spacious enough for a full family - if you and your partner share your bed with a large pet, you might also want to consider getting an upgrade. Other queen mattress types include:

  • Olympic Queen Mattresses: It is a slight upgrade from the queen size, with an extra width of 6 inches, which offers extra sleeping space for a couple.
  • Split Queen Mattresses: It is two separate mattresses combined to form a single mattress, each mattress is 30 inches wide. All of the queen sizes have the same length of 80 inches long.

What to Consider When Buying a Mattress?

What to Consider When Buying a Mattress? | Puffy

Unfortunately, picking the perfect mattress isn’t the easiest thing to do. For a king size bed vs queen, factors to consider are budget, mattress size, room size, number of sleepers, and even bed size. However, with a comfy 101-night sleep trial period, you’ll be able to sleep on the mattress in your own home to ensure it’s the right pick.

King Size Bed vs Queen: Mattress Cost

The price of a mattress depends on the mattress size and type. A king size bed is more expensive than a queen size because it is bigger. However, if you opt for a King size Puffy Original, it’ll be cheaper than a Queen size Puffy Lux. Another thing to factor into your decision is bedding accessories, pillows and sheets for a king size bed are slightly more expensive than queen size accessories.

King Queen
Puffy Original  $1,899 $1,599  $1,599 $1,299
Puffy Lux $2,649 $2,349 $2,449 $2,149

Note: The prices were last updated on 17/10/2021 and are subject to change at any time.

King Size Bed vs Queen: Mattress Size

Deciding on the king size bed vs queen size depends on the number of individuals sleeping on the bed, your budget, and the room size. The king size is spacious and allows for a couple and a child or pet to sleep on it. The queen size bed’s narrower width allows for only two adults to sleep on it. However, a king mattress is usually heavy and harder to move around, which can be a problem in apartments or smaller spaces. You can look into getting a mattress in a box for easy movement and a quick setup - the size doesn’t matter with these unique mattresses.

King Mattress Queen Mattress
Mattress Dimensions 76" X 80" 60" X 80"
Best for Couples, couple & child, couple & pet Couples, single adults, three children together
Room Size  Large master bedrooms or open plan spaces Guest rooms, medium-sized master bedrooms, apartments

Recommended Room Size

Is your room spacious enough for a king size bed? An important point that you may forget when buying a mattress is having enough room space for it. Before buying a mattress or a bed frame, you need to take your room’s measurements and know where the bed will be placed. Placing a king size bed in a small bedroom will cram the room and completely restrict your movement. It is recommended to leave at least 2 feet on all sides surrounding the bed to move around easily and in case you’re putting a bedside table or other furniture pieces near the bed.

The recommended room size for a queen size bed is 10 by 10 feet while the room size for a king size bed should be 12 by 12 feet. A queen size bed will comfortably fit in both spaces but may be too big for smaller bedrooms.

Bed Size

Before buying a mattress, you need to make sure it’s the same size as your bed. Don’t just estimate measurements and hope for the best, take your bed’s dimensions to get a mattress that’s a perfect fit. If your mattress is bigger than your bed frame and you try to press it in place, it will damage the mattress. Alternatively, if your mattress is smaller than your bed size, there will be a gap between the mattress and bed frame. This will lead to lumps and your mattress will prematurely sag.

A mattress is a long-term commitment so you don’t want to ruin your new mattress by mistakenly buying the wrong size.

Here’s Your Guide to Puffy Mattresses:


Here’s Your Guide to Puffy Mattresses | Puffy

Puffy Mattress: The original memory foam mattress is perfect for all sleeper types. It consists of a specialized foam formula that contours to your body and offers the ultimate support and comfort.


Puffy Lux: Known for being luxurious, the Puffy Lux is a mattress that features high-density contour-adapting dual cloud memory foam. It offers extra support and stability as well as relieves strain from key pressure points.

Other Mattress Sizes

Twin Mattress: A twin size is a popular mattress for children, college students, and single sleepers with limited room space. Twin mattress dimensions are 38” x 75” and it’s a good option for college dorms, small bedrooms, or a child’s room.

  • Twin XL Mattress: The twin xl size is slightly longer than the twin size, it is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. This is suitable for teenagers or tall individuals. A twin XL is common in studio apartments, guest bedrooms, or small master bedrooms.
  • Full Mattress: A full mattress or double bed is the compact size of a queen size bed. It is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long, suitable for a couple that doesn’t mind sleeping close together. This is worth considering if you don’t have the room space for a queen size bed.


How wide is a king size bed?

A king size bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, an extra 16 inches wider than a queen size bed. A king size bed is one of the largest beds on the mattress market. It is a great choice for large bedrooms or open plan spaces.

How big is a queen size bed?

A queen size bed is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, it is the most popular bed size on the market for its convenient size for couples. Each individual gets 30 inches of personal space but if you need extra space, you should consider a king size bed.

Is the king better or a queen?

Both mattress sizes are great options for couples. When comparing a king size bed vs queen, you’ll need to factor in your budget and bedroom size as well. A king size bed is a suitable option if the room size is spacious but if you have limited space, a queen bed will be better.

What is the difference between a King and a California King?

A California king is narrower than a king size bed by a few inches but has an extra 4 inches in length. The Cal king was specifically designed for individuals that are taller than six feet. Both beds are spacious and will fit perfectly in large bedrooms (12 x 12 feet) or open plan spaces.

King Size Bed vs Queen: What to Pick?

Now that you know everything there is about the king size bed vs queen, you’re ready for your new mattress! Still hesitant? You can read online mattress reviews and look into other mattress comparisons to make sure your mattress choice is right. Buying a new mattress is a big decision so don’t take any risks and get lifetime warranty with your Puffy mattress and a 101-night sleep trial period!

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