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How to unbox your Puffy Mattress

After ordering your Puffy Mattress, a friendly delivery driver will place the mattress of your dreams at your doorstep.

Once you take your Puffy bed-in-a-box into your bedroom, follow the quick and easy steps below.

Lift the box onto the frame with a friend

The Puffy bed-in-a-box contains an entire mattress, so it can be a little heavy for just one person. We recommend recruiting some help.

Slide the box away from the mattress

Lay the Puffy box horizontally and slide it away from the rolled mattress. Easy!

Unroll the outer layer of the plastic sleeve

Gently pull the outer plastic layer away from the mattress until the entire plastic sleeve has been removed.

Carefully cut the airtight plastic seal and remove the plastic

What will be left is the mattress compressed in an airtight seal. It’s time for the big reveal. Carefully cut the plastic seal and remove it.

Allow the mattress to expand for up to 2 hours

The mattress will immediately start expanding once you have removed the seal. For optimal comfort, let the mattress breathe for at least 2 hours before your unforgettable first sleep.

Start sleeping on a cloud!

It’s time to experience life-changing Puffy sleep.

How long do I have to wait before I can sleep on my Puffy Mattress?

Not long at all. We recommend at least 2 hours for full expansion. It’s important to let the mattress circulate oxygen before you lay down and experience the best sleep of your life.

Why does the Puffy Mattress come in a box?

Have you ever experienced the pain of moving a traditional mattress around the house or up a staircase? Or do you remember the irritation of dealing with mattress salespeople? Sorry to bring up bad memories.

We neatly package the Puffy Mattress in a box so you can order a new bed from home, and set it up with ease. Our luxury memory foam mattresses are made to order, which means they are freshly compressed. This process ensures you receive a premium mattress with the convenience of buying online, delivered to your door, and set up in minutes.

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