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How To Fold A Fitted Sheet: Quick & Easy Techniques You'll Love

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet: Quick & Easy Techniques You'll Love

Anyone who owns a set of fitted sheets knows the inevitable chore that’s involved in folding them. Learning how to fold a fitted sheet takes a little bit of practice, but with the right techniques, it’s far from impossible to achieve. We’ve gathered some of the easiest ways to learn how to fold a fitted sheet so that you’re able to hit refresh on your bedroom quickly.

When it comes to giving your bedroom a little bit of a refresh, nothing beats a fresh new set of cooling bed sheets. The comfort of crisp new sheets is hard to beat. According to experts, switching out your sheets often is also important for hygiene. Even the best bed sheets end up collecting dead skin, dust mites, and pet dander, which is why it’s important you switch yours out regularly to maintain your bedroom well.

How To Choose The Best Bed Sheets

Before learning how to fold a fitted sheet, it’s important you’re able to figure out how to pick the best bed sheets for your bedroom and comfort overall. Your sheets can actually play a significant role in the quality of your sleep. If you’re a hot sleeper, for instance, you might want to think about cooling bed sheets that will keep you sweat and moisture free when you wake up in the morning.

On the other hand, you might want to think about how eco-friendly your sheets are. Using sustainable materials such as those present in cotton or bamboo sheets is important. The best bed sheets will also have other indicators of their quality - look for certified materials that you can trust. Puffy sheets, for instance, are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified, which means you can trust they’re chemically-free.

What’s The Difference Between Flat & Fitted Sheets?

What’s The Difference Between Flat & Fitted Sheets?

You might be wondering what the difference between fitted or flat bed sheets may be. The real difference is that fitted sheets will generally include elasticated corners, that make draping them over your mattress securely much easier.

Some people like to use fitted sheets as an additional protector for their mattress, since it remains snugly fit onto the bed. Flat sheets are generally used on top of fitted ones, or on their own. While there’s no difference in quality of material, fitted sheets do tend to be slightly pricier than their flat counterparts.

If you live in a colder area, or you have a family with particularly accident-prone children, you might prefer the extra warmth and protection of a fitted sheet. For warmer places and fuss-free clean-up, however, one set of sheets is more than enough for your mattress.

Why Is It So Hard To Fold A Fitted Sheet?

Many people find folding a fitted sheet a lot harder than folding flat sheets, and there's a good reason for this. When figuring out how to fold a fitted sheet, you’re actually folding five separate pieces that are joined together, making it a challenge to get a neat, secure fold.

Learning how to fold a fitted sheet does take a bit of patience, but once you master the basic techniques, it becomes a lot less challenging to do. As with anything, all it takes is practice and some time to get your bedroom feeling just right.

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet With Ease

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet With Ease

Thankfully, there are a couple of fool-proof ways to fold a fitted sheet that’ll leave your space nice and tidy in no time.

Here are some of our favourite techniques:

The ‘Martha Stewart’ Method

On a segment that now has over 3 million views on YouTube, home organization guru Martha Stewart has a top tip for folding fitted sheets without much struggle.

  • Stand up, and keep your hands inside the corners of one of the shorter edges of your sheet.
  • Move your right hand to where your left hand is, draping the right corner of your sheet to where your left is.
  • You can then lie your sheet flat down, and do the same to the bottom corners.
  • Once this is done, all you need to do is straighten your fitted sheet so that it looks like a rectangle.
  • Finish by folding in the edges, and flattening the sheet, smoothing out the creases as you go for a neatly folded bed sheet.

The ‘Marie Kondo’ Method

Speaking of organization gurus, another person who has taught millions how to fold a fitted sheet with ease is minimalist Marie Kondo, pioneer of the ‘spark joy’ method of spring cleaning.

  • Begin by laying your fitted sheet on a flat surface, such as your bed, with the elastic seams facing upwards, smoothing out any creases by hand.
  • Bring the bottom side to the middle, and create a straight edge by flattening with your hand. Repeat for the top side.
  • Once you’ve made sure your sheet is still as flat and neat as possible, fold the whole sheet in half, smoothing all the way.
  • Flip it over, and roll the sheet up - you should be left with a small enough roll to stack or leave in your closet without taking up too much space.

The 30-Second Trick

TikTok and cooking blogger Kristina Burn shared her method for folding a fitted sheet in under thirty seconds. Her secret? Using a table to speed up the process.

  • Begin by laying the sheet down on your table, and make sure to have the elasticated corners facing upwards.
  • Continue by holding on to the bottom two corners, and proceed to fold them inside out, while tucking them inside the top two corners.
  • Your sheet should now be folded into half - shake or use your hands to smooth out.
  • Once you place it back on your table, take the end of the sheet, where the corners meet, and fold it once more, but only halfway.
  • Fold the bottom half over the top half so that you’re left with one long strip of fabric.
  • You can then proceed to fold the right inward, and then the left. Fold once again in half, to be left with a neat, clean square.

The U-Shape Method

This is one of the oldest techniques when it comes to learning how to fold a fitted sheet. With a little bit of practice, this is also an effective way to keep your folds very neat.

  • Start off by holding your sheet lengthwise, with both your hands in the two upper pockets.
  • Flip the pockets inside out, and turn your sheet such that each hand is now holding the opposite corner.
  • Bringing your hands together, proceed to bring the right corner over the left hand side, so that you can begin tucking each corner neatly.
  • Once you do the same for the right, you will have made a ‘U’ shape with your elasticated corners.
  • Lay your sheet flat, smooth it out, and fold as many times as you might need.

Quick & Simple Method

This technique will leave you with a slightly less neat end product, but if you’re pressed for time or simply can’t understand the folds required in these other techniques, this is the one for you.

  • As always, leave the sheet flat with the elasticated corners facing upwards.
  • Bring the bottom to the top, doing so horizontally.
  • Bring the left side to the middle, as well as the same with the right.
  • Bring the top side back to the middle, and the bottom over for a quick fold.

Tips For Larger Sheets

Tips For Larger Sheets

If you have queen or king sized sheets, it might be a challenge trying to work out how you might be able to keep your sheets folded standing up. Using a technique that involves laying your sheet flat on a surface is going to guarantee better rest.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when folding larger sheets:

  • Be sure to smooth as you go - most people forget this crucial step in their rush to finish, but this just creates a more time consuming process when you’re left without a neatly folded sheet.
  • Use another pair of hands - sometimes, it helps to do things in twos. Ask your partner, or get your kids involved, so that you’re able to bring corners together without having to step around your sheet. Plus, you get to teach someone else how to fold a fitted sheet in the process!
  • Keep your sheet on a clean surface - It’s important you clean the surface you’re about to lay your sheet on when folding. Avoid placing it on the floor of your bedroom, or on any other surface that’s going to negate the whole purpose of your bedroom reset.


Learning how to fold a fitted sheet definitely comes with plenty of practice. It’s important to switch out your bed sheets often, but that doesn’t mean the best bed sheets have to come with elasticated corners. Using your mattress size to guide your purchase means switching out sheets on your bed should always be a relatively smooth process. You’ll become an expert before you know it.

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