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How To Wash A Weighted Blanket: The Complete Care Guide

How To Wash A Weighted Blanket: The Complete Care Guide

Weighted blankets have become increasingly popular in the recent past for their naturally comforting qualities. These duvet alternatives are, just as they sound, blankets that come with weighted fill.

The actual fill can vary: some blankets might have glass beads, whereas others might use plastic pellets to keep them feeling heavy.

Sleepers who use weighted blankets find the uniformly distributed pressure (also known as gentle pressure stimulation) comforting, often reporting feelings that mimic being swaddled or deeply embraced when under one. The benefits of weighted blankets can range from deeper sleep, fewer interruptions, and less sleep anxiety through the night.

While weighted blankets come with a bunch of benefits for a good night’s sleep, they can be a challenge to clean up. Learning how to wash a weighted blanket efficiently is going to help you keep your sleep set-up nice and neat, while you get that blissful night’s sleep you’re after.

The Different Types Of Weighted Blankets

Since care instructions can actually vary vastly depending on what you have, it’s important to try and get familiar with the type of weighted blanket you own. Here are a few of the most popular types of weighted blankets:

  • Fleece: If you love the feeling of sleeping snug, fleece weighted blankets are a great option. While they’re super cozy, these types of blankets do tend to pill over time and can be a challenge when it comes to clean-up. Using warm water and spot-cleaning beforehand will give you an efficient clean - be sure to air-dry rather than using a machine.
  • Linen: Many weighted blankets are made of linen blends, and while they’re great sleep companions, they might shrink if you put them in with your regular washing. Opting for a dry clean is best, though some types of linen-blends can handle a cold wash and an air dryer if necessary.
  • Cotton: One of the most popular materials to make weighted blankets out of, cotton weighted blankets are pretty straightforward in terms of their care. Washing these kinds of blankets separately and in cold or warm water will give them the best shot at a longer lifeline. Be sure to wash them by themselves, since friction with other materials can shorten their lifespan.

Is It Safe To Wash Your Weighted Blanket At Home?

Is It Safe To Wash Your Weighted Blanket At Home? | Puffy

Smaller weighted blankets are usually safe to wash at home and can be done with ease. For larger, heavier models, however, it is best to go to the laundromat, since your home machine is probably not built to handle that much load.

Be sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions before you get started with cleaning your weighted blanket, and think about the convenience of cleaning before actually buying one for yourself. The Puffy Weighted Blanket, for example, comes with a removable, machine-washable cover, making clean up a lot quicker, even for a heavier model.

Cleaning Your Weighted Blanket

Cleaning Your Weighted Blanket | Puffy

Taking the cleaning process step by step will leave you with a blanket that feels as good as new. If you’re trying to figure out how to wash a weighted blanket, it’s important you take the following steps:

1. Spot-clean any stains

Whether it’s a spot that betrays your late-night snacking habit, or an accident made by your beloved pup, smaller stains on a blanket are best handled by spot-cleaning.

Be sure to use a chlorine-free remover so that you’re able to target stains without destroying the original colour fabric.

When dealing with oil-based stains, using soap and a toothbrush to target pesky stains can be equally effective. If you don’t have any cleaner, you’ll find that rinsing with cold water can be equally effective - avoid warm water, which will actually set your stain in further.

2. Machine-wash/hand-wash

How you wash your blanket can vary between manufacturers - you might need to hand-wash or machine-wash, wash in hot water or cold water, all depending on the type of weighted blanket you go for, its fill, and the manufacturer.

One golden rule when it comes to learning how to wash a weighted blanket is remembering that you need to avoid any additional fabric softeners, bleach, or heavy-duty detergents in your wash. Some mild detergent and warm water will do the job just fine.

3. Tumble-dry/air-dry

Once again, how you dry your blanket is likely going to come down to what kind of fill and company you buy it from. Air-drying your weighted blanket is usually your safest bet, since this will ensure your fill does not melt, and there’s consistent, even drying across your blanket.

Air-drying is also the preferred option for sleepers who don’t want their blankets to go through too much wear and tear, and want to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible. When it comes to machine drying, be cautious and try and use a low heat setting to ensure your blanket fill does not melt.

For weighted blankets with glass beads, it’s best to avoid machine-dry altogether, since the intense heat can shatter or break the fill, breaking down your machine. Some blankets are better off dry-cleaned, so check to see what’s going to work best for your product.

Cleaning The Puffy Weighted Blanket

Learning how to wash a weighted blanket properly is simple, and aiming to do so once every quarter will help keep your bedding as fresh and clean as possible. The Puffy Weighted Blanket was created with ease of clean in mind, which is why it comes with a removable, machine-washable cover. With a ceramic bead fill, the rest of the weighted blanket only requires a cool, gentle cycle with mild detergent to be back in fresh, new condition.

Once you’re done with your blanket, you can move your spring clean process to other parts of your room. This is going to ensure you’re able to achieve both a great night’s sleep, as well as maintain a high level of sleep hygiene that’s going to help you get better rest than ever.

Happy cleaning!

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