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Verified Customer Reviews

Based on 17140 reviews
Love it

I recently bought another well known mattress similar to these and coming from a spring mattress to a foam one was incredible for a few nights. I’m a side sleeper and eventually started waking up sore and stiff with that new mattress. I started doing more research and found out that my impulse buy was not an ideal mattress for side/stomach sleepers and search after search kept bringing up Puffy. I finally broke down and moved my still very new mattress to my guest room and ordered a Puffy and I absolutely love it. It really does work well for side/stomach sleepers and I’m not waking up in pain anymore. I just moved in so please don’t judge the lack of home decor. Puppy pic for cuteness

AJ, we're so glad that you're no longer waking up with pain and are getting better sleep, thanks for sharing with us!

Puffy Mattress
Thomas Bouwman
I love it!!

I recently moved into a new place and had to furnish three bedrooms; given all the options, I decided to try three different well-known, well-reviewed mattress companies and try all three at the same time.. Puffy is by far my favorite of the three, in fact, I plan on returning one of the other mattresses and replace it with another Puffy.. highly recommend!

Thomas, we're thrilled to hear you love your new Puffy, thanks so much for sharing with us!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Jerilyn OBrien
Puffy Lux Mattress

We have owned this mattress since November 13, 2021. It is the best mattress we have ever owned, and we are both seniors. We no longer have back or neck pain. We have no body aches at all since sleeping on this amazing mattress. If you want a quality made, comfortable mattress we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Puffy Lux mattress.

Jerilyn, we're thrilled to hear that you no longer have aches and are sleeping better now, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Dog approved

I have been wanting to get a dog bed with the pillows or sides for a while and was happy to see that puffy makes them when I was shopping for a new mattress for myself. Both beds showed up at the same time so I assembled the dog bed first. It was very easy and especially like the double zippers. As soon as I set it down my dog layed down on it so that was a good sign. When I came home from work that night he was still sleeping on it. Unfortunately the next day I set up my puffy lux mattress and now every night when I come home he is sleeping on my bed so I think he likes the extra space. I got the largest dog bed puffy makes and my 110lb rottweiler just fits for a size comparison. My only complaint about the bed is a lack of colors. Black dogs that shed and chew their bones on the bed tend to stain the cover. A brown or something else darker for a cover would be nice, for now I just use a blanket over the dog bed to keep it clean. Other than that I am very happy with this bed!

Keith, we're thrilled to hear that you and your dog are enjoying your Puffy products, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Puffy Adjustable Base
Leonard Perfetti
Best Night Sleep Ever!

We love our new King Puffy Mattress with adjustable bases. We gave up a Sleep Number Bed to try the Puffy. I went from an average of 5 hours of sleep a night to 6.5-7.5 hours a night. We can’t wait until we get into bed every night. The adjustable bases make reading and watching TV in bed a joy. The pillows are wonderful! Thank you Puffy!

Leonard, we're so glad that you love your Puffy and new base, thanks so much for sharing with us!

Puffy Dog Bed
Matthew Tolbert

Very nice, high quality, both of my corgis just love it!

We're so glad you and your corgis like the dog bed, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Massey Family
Favorite Bed Ever!

We recently bought a Puffy Lux hybrid king size bed. Super comfy, soft but not too smooshy, with the right amount of support. We loved the bed so much, we ordered a 2nd one for our short term rental property so our guests can enjoy an awesome nights sleep. The mattress protector and the silky bamboo sheets that come with the bed are a plus! Definitely suggest this bed, it’s amazing!

We're so glad that you love your Puffy, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Puffy Royal Mattress
Chris Jones
Best sleep in years

As someone with many health issues, I find getting the rest I need difficult, if not impossible. I was reluctant to try an online mattress, but I knew that I could not afford over $15,000 at a mattress store for their premium models. So, I took the leap and invested in Puffy, and have been sleeping my best sleep since. I purchased an adjustable base, sheets, and pad, all for less than 1/3 the price of the big store mattresses. Now, instead of fearing and dreading laying down on my old mattress, I watch the clock in anticipation of bedtime. What a difference a mattress makes! Thank you Puffy, you have my business for as long as you continue to produce such a great mattress at such an affordable price.

Chris, we're thrilled to hear you're getting better sleep now, thanks so much for the great review!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Evan Clements
Love Our Puffy Bed!

We had reached the limit with our existing bed, it was just too much to take anymore with the back issues for my wife and my tossing and turning. Having just moved into our new-to-us house, we decided it was time. I did some web surfing for "top 10" or "best rated" mattresses, and Puffy kept coming up if not #1, damn close. Puffy offered a financing component, which made the decision that much easier. We pulled the trigger, placed an order for a King + Bed frame and all the accoutrements via the special offer at the time. Everything arrived timely! I built the bed frame, loaded the mattress and fit the Bamboo sheets. WHAT a DIFFERENCE! Better sleep quality, more refreshed in the AM, reduced back fatigue and TONS of room. THANK YOU Puffy! We are super satisfied!

Evan, we're so glad that you love your Puffy, thanks so much for the great review!

Puffy Mattress
Kimmie C
Favorite mattress, second purchased - this time with the FRAME which is SUPER

Second Puffy Mattress we've owned - love them both! This one is for our beach house. We bought the frame to go with it - and it is SUPER sturdy, NOT noisy, and would buy this frame for other needs if I had them... (also - super easy set up)

Kimmie, we're so glad to have you as a returning customer, thanks so much for reviewing!


We love all things puffy our dogs love our bed too if only the 3 little bears had Puffy beds they wouldn’t have had to try out so many beds !

We're so glad you and your dogs are enjoying your Puffy, thanks so much for sharing with us!

Puffy Mattress
Brent MacIntosh
Great Mattress

We have enjoyed a Tepur pedic mattress for many years. We decided to get a Puffy Mattress for a spare room. We love it, very comparable to our overpriced Tempur pedic.

Brent, we're so glad you're loving your Puffy, thanks so much for sharing with us!


This is absolutely hands down the best mattress we have ever slept on! Telling all of our friends and family about it!

Kathi, we're thrilled to hear you're enjoying your Puffy, thanks so much for sharing with us!

Puffy Mattress
Charlie highers
Great mattress

Bought the mattress it is indeed like sleeping inns cloud my back pain has massively improved. I even bought the comforter and I love it just as much. I’ll be getting more puffy mattresses in the future for my guest bedrooms. Sheets are also incredible, my first night on it didn’t even want to get out of bed the next day haha!

Charlie, we're so glad your back is improving and you're getting better sleep, thanks so much for sharing with us!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Bob Cramer
Best mattress and sheets ever

Five stars!! My wife and I both have back problems and have been sleeping on a conventional mattress for years. About 6 months we decided to get the
Puffy King to see how we liked it. It has been great. Very supportive and helping us both with the back issues. We also got a set of the sheets and fell in love with their comfort and softness so much so that we ordered another set. We have used many other high thread count sheets but none compare to the Puffy. They are a great value.

Bob, we're so glad you and your wife are getting better sleep now, thanks so much for the great review!

Puffy Mattress
Paula Skinner Skinner
A nightly "Puffy" hug

My California King Puffy mattress is the best purchase in quite awhile. It is firm enough for excellent support, and soft and cushy enough to surround your body in comfort.
I would definately recommend a Puffy mattress of your choice and firmness.

Paula, we're thrilled to hear you love your new Puffy, thanks so much for sharing with us!

Puffy Sheets
David Louangsana
My Puffy Lux King Sheets

I love these sheets its light,silky,keeps you warm in cooler temperatures and cool in warmer temperatures.The sheets definitely complement the Puffy Lux Mattress I will purchase another sheet set.

David, we're so glad you love your Puffy sheets, thanks so much for sharing with us!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Debbie Monnet
Puffy Lux Mattress

This is our first experience with a mattress in a box. We were very septic at first but ended up ordering 1 kings size along and 2 queens. We could not figure how a comfortable mattress could pop out of a box. But we were wrong. It was amazing to watch it inflate and even better to sleep on it. Great sleep experience from the very first night! Highly recommend!

Debbie, we're thrilled to hear you're loving your new mattresses, thanks so much for sharing with us!

Puffy Mattress
Trevor Knowlton
Love my new puffy

Great customer service and great mattress ❤️

Trevor, thanks so much for the great review!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Ryan Mallary
The perfect mattress

We’ve had our Lix for about 3 months now and absolutely love it. I’m a full time firefighter who has slept on every cheap worn out mattress out there. Imagine bouncing between multiple different mattresses in a week depending on the firehouse you’re working at. My back was a mess after sleeping on worn out lumpy piles of cloth and broken springs. Every morning I woke up with a stiff back. That is until we got the Lux. My back has never felt better. I wake up pain free and we’ll rested after every night I get to spend at home on the best mattress I’ve ever owned. I’ve spend tens of thousands searching for the perfect mattress over the years and have finally found it. If you work hard and have back pain at the end of the day like any red blooded American man or woman this is the mattress for you. You work to hard to sleep poorly. Take my word for it, you won’t be disappointed.

Ryan, we're so glad that your back feels better and you're getting better sleep, thanks so much for the great review!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Lynn Dominguez
Excellent Mattress!

So far, so good! Very comfortable!

Lynn, we're so glad you're enjoying your Puffy, thanks for sharing with us!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Joni Robinson
Even my dog loves it!

We purchased a Puffy mattress after doing some research and reading reviews, and I have to say that all the 5 star reviews are well-deserved! The mattress and pillows are so comfortable and I absolutely LOVE the sheets! They are the softest, most luxurious sheets I've ever slept between! Even my dog loves the mattress and thinks he owns the bed and just lets us sleep in it! With the lifetime warranty on the mattress, pillows and sheets, this purchase was worth every penny!

Joni, we're so glad you're happy with your Puffy products, thanks so much for the great review!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Michael Lewis
My new puffy king size bed

I bought this bed because it stated that it was good for hip pain and shoulder pain. It is great. No more shoulder or hip pain.
Thanks Puffy

Michael, we're so happy that you're getting better sleep, thanks for sharing with us!

Puffy Adjustable Base
Cathy Conner
Puffy Adjustable Base

I have been totally pleased with our new adjustable base. I have been getting such a good night’s rest. It has certainly helped my acid reflux also. Our Puffy mattress and pillows are absolutely amazing! They are so comfortable I don’t want to get up in the morning! One feature I really love is if me or my husband get up in the night, there is so little movement, that it doesn’t wake us up! Thank you for making such excellent products!

Cathy, we're thrilled to hear you're enjoying your Puffy mattress and base, thank you so much for the great review!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Robert Kurtz
Puffy Perfection

We really love our puffy king mattress. The setup was very easy as the sub frame was well made and very rugged. Our headboard was wider than the frame so a pair of extensions we made and completed the adaptation. Both my wife and I are very active tennis, golf and pickle ball players in our late sixties. The bed is extremely supportive and comfortable for our aging bodies. Even the pillows are wonderful. We never had a set of bamboo sheets which are another plus to this package deal. No need for the 101 trial period, one night was all it took to know the comfort and value.

Robert, we're so glad you and your wife love your Puffy, thanks for the great review!