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We thought we would take the chance and purchase three Puffy mattresses online. We’ve always gone to the mattress store so we could try them out, but haven’t truly been satisfied. We purchased these for our second home. They are soooo comfortable!!!! Best ever!!!! Highly recommend and will definitely be purchasing more for our other home.

Puffy Wisconsin

We bought a vacation/short term rental home and as we discussed what kind of mattresses with money to put in there and spent hours in research, the puffy mattress came up to the top of our list in terms of being a healthy choice that would also provide good support. I had never heard of puffy mattresses before I thought we would try it bought a queen mattress for our master bedroom. Ordering shipping and receiving line set up was fairly straightforward and we spent three weeks there over the Holidays and have a wonderful sleep. I would recommend a puffy mattress and we need now be replacing our $3,000 mattress with a puffy mattress.

What a beautiful room! We are so happy you are sleeping so wonderfully, Todd.

mattress foundation

Glad that I bought this foundation with my Puffy mattress! It's strong,well made,easy to put together and easy to move around. I also like that it's high enough to vacuum under and have a good air flow for the mattress I like that it's USA made and has a lifetime guarantee-not just 10 years like the others.I'm VERY happy that it included brackets that attach to the frame and a headboard/footboard can be attached to the brackets. I made my own headboard from knotty alder and will make the footboard later. Also,the non-slip pads that come with it keep my sheets in place really well. I had a Sleep Better air mattress (related to Sleep Number) for 15 years and always seemed to get a backache. I don't with my Puffy. I LOVE this mattress! It's so comfortable that I keep waking up later than I used to!
Thank you folks for making and offering such a good product and at such an affordable price!


Folks I want to say thank you for a mattress that has changed my life. The mattress and foundation I bought for my wife and I was worth every penny. We never knew how bad we were sleeping until we bought the set. My excruciating back pain and spine problems have gone away to the point that I can now move without pain and suffering. I am a big fella admittedly ( 6ft 5in and 390 lbs) but just wow this bed! Thank you for changing our lives with this bed.

Thank you for choosing Puffy, Ronnie. It’s amazing to know you are getting life-changing sleep!
Comfort Extreme

While looking for a new mattress for a guest room, my research brought me to Puffy. After buying the mattress and sleeping on the mattress we’ve decided to move the mattress to our master bedroom due to the extreme comfort of the mattress.

Glad you are feeling so extremely comfortable, Vincent!
Puffy King, love it!!

My husband was just plain tired of waking in the morning to an achy back. My son had recently purchased a Puffy Mattress and after I did my own research, we too made a purchase. Love it !!!! WE are building a new house and I plan to put twin beds in the guest suite. I have purchased one twin xl Puffy and now plan on purchasing the second. Can't wait to move in, set up and have a guest or two to visit and then rave about how comfortable their mattress was. Thank you Puffy.

How exciting that you will have a full house of Puffy’s! Thanks for the review, Mary.
LOVE LOVE LOVE my Puffy Mattress

I was hesitant about buying on line but this mattress is a dream come true. It is so comfortable I never want to get out of bed.

Love my new king mattress!

It’s soft and great for my back! This is my first ‘bed in a box’ and I was a bit nervous ordering it. But it came on time and did not disappoint. Love it!

We’re so glad you’re first bed-in-a-box purchase has not disappointed. Thanks for choosing Puffy!
Great Puffy Bed That We Needed

After almost a year of sleeping on our 2 Puffy Lux Twin XLs to make the adjustable split King, we are very happy with our decision! The mattresses always recover after sleeping on them, no dents. The adjustability factor for each individual is awesome! I sleep in ZG position or one of my two saved settings every night. We love being able to raise our heads to watch TV or read. The mattresses always recover after going back to flat and seem like quality is indeed present in these beds. We also like the vibrate option in the adjustable bed frames. Our last bed was a Sleep Number which we were not happy with and thought no bed out there is going to work. After more research, we took a chance on Puffy and so glad we did! Excellent overall feeling about the Puffy mattresses and bed frames! Our photos show after almost a year how the mattresses (one side is in ZG position) still look/feel great after regular adjusting and sleeping!

Thanks for the review Lisa! We are excited to hear you love your Puffy Twin’s and Adjustable base so much. It’s the perfect combo for ultimate relaxation.
Lit Ajustable

Love it

Glad you love it, Michelle!
No more stiffness

My new Puffy relieves my hip and back stiffness. Its firm but comfortable and can be adjusted by they type of cover you use. I love it

We're pleased to hear you are getting the sleep you deserve!
Puffy Adjustable base

I bought this base after my knee replacement because I needed to elevate to reduce the swelling .
It was very easy to set it up and it’s well made. It’s exactly what I needed to get thru my recovery !

We are so pleased to hear the Puffy Adjustable Base has helped ease your recovery.
We love our PUFFY King Mattress

We were very skeptical about buying a mattress that we did t get to try out in a store. We are Seniors and don’t take many chances. However, this was one chance we are very happy we took. We have never had such a good sleep.

We are so happy you took a chance and purchased a Puffy, Patricia! No more sleepless nights.
My Body Is Lov’n My New Puffy Mattress

Till this date I have had completely rested sleep each and every night. I still can’t believe how great the Puffy Mattress is with its quality design, materials and build. I’d recommend this product to anyone who’s tired of sleepless nights on their old mattress.

Thanks for the review, Spencer! Great to know that sleepless nights are a thing of the past for you. Happy sleeping!
Best bed so far

After having received the mattress we were a bit anxious to sleep, since it felt so different from our former mattress. Much more firm. The first night we had to get used to it a bit so we both woke a couple times. But after 2 nights my husband was happy. Myself it took a good 2 weeks. Now I can say we are happy. My back pain is a whole lot less, some days don't feel anything. It depends what work I did so it has nothing to do with the mattress. This one puffy lux we definitely recommend others. We are getting are son one too as he has back pain and we both think he deserves a good mattress. The service is great and really there is nothing to lose if you weren't happy, but I am sure lots people are happy! Just like us!

It's great to know your body has adjusted so well to your new Puffy Lux!
Sleeping like a King!!!

I love my puffy royal mattress! I was a bit skeptical on getting a mattress online, but so glad I went ahead and made the purchase. It’s definitely worth it and the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever had. I would always wake up switching positions to get comfortable on my old mattress, but with the puffy mattress i can get comfortable in one position and sleep throughout the night with no issues. I also got the puffy foundation and seems very well built and it fit perfect in my current bed frame. Overall I’m very happy with my puffy purchases!

We are so happy to hear that you are sleeping like a King on your Puffy Royal and Puffy Foundation, Israel.

This is truly an amazing bed. We got it for our 4 yo for her first “big-girl bed.” Not only does she love it and fall asleep in minutes, we ALL love it. I am constantly looking for excuses to get in that bed! We were able to put the mattress topper on the mattress then the mattress protector over that in case of accidents. Fits beautifully and works great!! We’re getting another for my 8 yo (she’s jealous) and hopefully the Royal for us after that! Just try it - you’ll see. ;)

So exciting that you’ll soon have a Puffy for everyone, Anne. Thanks so much for your review.
Puffy Lux Foundation

Good delivery, easy setup and very sturdy. No mattress movement.

It sounds like it’s the perfect foundation for you, Brian!
I Slept through the night!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you, I have 6 herniated disc 2 torn discs and arthritis in my lower spine. I have not had a full night sleep in I can't remember how long.
I got my Puffy Lux last night and for the first time I slept through the night and did not wake up with excruciating nerve pain. The first night made the biggest difference. I am coming off of an expense Bico foam bed. I would wake up several times in.the night sweating in pain finally to get out of bed at 3 or 4 am because I could not take it anymore. Slept on my feather couch a few nights. But now I feel better after one night then I have in months. I can not how much this means to me. Thank you again Puffy I love my Lux.

Thanks for sharing your review, Tiffany. It's really exciting to hear that your new Puffy Lux has created such a happy and pain-free sleep experience for you.

Seriously I love our bed! The Zero G setting is perfect, the under lighting is so helpful at night, the remote is easy to use. Me and my husband have a puffy kind size mattress and are using the split king adjustable base. The sync feature has been great but I will admit I will be buying two twins just because sometimes he is ready to go to a flat bed and I am still want the head up to read. Overall we love the mattress and the adjustable base! If you are on the fence, I highly suggest this adjustable frame!

Thanks for the review, Lauren. We are glad you like the features of the Adjustable Base.
The "Royal" trumpets are calling me to bed.

I have been a lifetime finicky sleeper. My husband call me the Goldi Lox of mattresses. Im a very sensitive sleeper always upgrading ever few years. Nothing feels the right amount of comfort vs support. We have had top of the line beds. Simmons Black, Beauty-rest Legend ... you name it, Plush beds seem to hard and Pillow tops too soft. We have tried and purchased every type of mattress toppers from feather to Tempurpedic. My husband will sleep on anything but If Im not sleeping well he has to hear about it so we decided to try some beds in a box. Casper Wave not for us. Puffy Lux an amazing bed that my husband really liked and I did too, but knew it wasn't perfect for me. Then came the Puffy Royal and its PERFECT!!!! I wanted to write a review the minute I laid on it but to be fair I thought a few nights of sleep must happen before I could honestly review. To first touch you can feel the perfect balance between soft yet supportive. Laying on it feels like you are being cradled in zero gravity. Going to bed is easy and getting up in the morning hard. Thank you Puffy. You knocked it out of the park with the Royal. My husband agrees its the nicest bed we have had and definitely worth the extra cost. If you can afford the Royal you wont be sorry as nothing else will compare!

You deserve to sleep like Royalty! We loved reading your review about the Puffy Royal. So excited to know that you and your husband are sleeping perfectly.
Love my puffy lux

My husband and I both love our new puffy lux mattress...we awake with no more sore joints

Thanks for the review, Cheryl! How amazing that you are waking up without soreness.
Puffy saved my back

Have a plate in my neck from military service and have been finding it hard to sleep. Decided to try the new puffy lux mattress since get 101 night trial. Have had it for 3 months now and haven't had back issues or neck issues. Sleeping great thought the night and no shoulder pain. Will definitely buy more, plus can't beat the lifetime warranty.

The team is so pleased to hear you are sleeping so well, Henry. Thank you for your review. It sounds like you are finally getting the sleep you deserve!


I have had my puffy mattress for about a year now and I still love it!! Before getting this mattress I never had to use an alarm clock. Now I sleep so soundly I cannot risk it. I have recommended Puffy to two friends and they love theirs too. Can’t say enough about this bed!!

We are so happy to hear how much you and your friends love sleeping on your Puffy's, Tracey! Thank you for recommending us and for the review.
Awesome mattress

I love my puffy mattress it's super comfortable and perfect for my body 👍🏼very grateful to puffy for this amazing mattress for my family🤗