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5 Things to Thank Dad For This Father’s Day

5 Things to Thank Dad For This Father’s Day

Dads are really special. When times get tough, a one-liner or a classic ‘dad joke’ can turn a bad day into a good one.

While Dads are known for forgetting birthdays and anniversary dates, they are always there for us in the moments that truly count.

This father’s day, add a ‘Thanks Dad’ message to your gift.

Here are 5 things to thank Dad for this Father’s Day:

1. Thanks for always picking me up

We all have childhood memories of fathers, or father figures, lifting us high into the sky. But even into adulthood, Dads are always there to pick us up when times get tough.

2. Thanks for being my number one fan

Dads spend countless hours at practices and weekend activities being our number one fan. And they love to sing our praises every time we achieve anything big or small.

3. Thanks for having my back

Those moments when mum says no but dad says yes are pivotal. Dads are great at having our backs and showing support when we want to follow our hearts.

4. Thanks for being so positive

Dads have a gift when it comes to sharing positive advice in just a few words. They help us feel confident and fearless and we love them for it!

5. Thanks for being so funny

Whether we are laughing at them or with them, we love our dads for their humour. Inappropriate jokes, lame comments, and even the embarrassing moments all make our dads extra special.

What are you most thankful for when it comes to your Dad?

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