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Puffy vs Nectar

Canadian-Made Puffy Mattresses vs Chinese Nectar Mattresses

See How People Compare Puffy & Nectar

If you're trying to decide whether to purchase a Puffy or Nectar mattress, you've come to the right place. Let’s see how Puffy stacks up against a Chinese-imported mattress:

A side-by-side comparison

Made in the Canada
Cover Made in the Canada
Mattress Assembled and Sewn in Canada
BBB Accredited Business


What Sleep Experts Say About Puffy vs Nectar

"We would choose the Puffy Mattress over the Nectar Mattress for a higher quality in total comfort and value."

“If you are looking for a mattress with remarkable cooling, Puffy is a more viable option than Nectar.”

“Puffy is a great investment for an unmatched comfortable sleep.”

“And finally, this is one soft mattress, so could do wonders for anyone in search of a gentle, soothing structure."

Puffy Reviews

"Great brand, I will shop again. They helped with my lost package that FedEx misdelivered. Very pleasant to deal with. The mattress is top notch."

-Dina W.

"I made the right choice by buying our family mattresses from this company. They were helpful in every step of the way. Simple buying and delivery process can't be beat."

-Victor F.

"A very helpful company that provides top of the line products. My package was damaged on delivery, not sure how it happened, but they took care of it in a hurry. I will continue to shop from here."

-Ella Y

"Pleasant company to deal with. They delivered to Canada in time. I recommend them to my peers."

-Ray L.

While Nectar mattresses are made from materials shipped from overseas, Puffy mattresses are expertly and precisely handcrafted right here in Canada. Made, designed, sewn and assembled 100 percent in-country from the finest materials, Puffy mattresses offer classic comfort and convenience manufactured close to home.

Overall Score

Puffy is consistently ranked as the preferred mattress when it comes to third-party review sites comparing the Puffy vs. Nectar. From our build quality, customer support, to the overall comfort of our mattress – reviewers love Puffy.

Overall Rating 4.68 4.31
Comfort 4.67 4.29
Value 4.64 4.41
Materials 4.65 3.65
Off-Gassing 4.84 3.82
Sleeps Cool 4.60 4.37
Motion Transfer 4.92 4.54
Edge Support 4.54 4.28
Warranty 4.80 4.75

*References: www.oursleepguide.com

Puffy may compensate third-parties for purchases made through the links in their reviews.


All-Around Adaptive Support

With its signature Cooling Cloud and Firm Core Support foam to support you while you sleep, Puffy provides incredible comfort by fitting perfectly to your shape and spinal alignment. By adapting to every part of your body, our mattress moulds to just the right places, relieving joint stress and pressure points, improving blood circulation and correcting spine alignment to provide you with a sound, effortless sleep. The best part? Your experience is unique to your body. A Nectar mattress, on the other hand, only provides one firmness level with its memory foam.

Sleep Position Accommodation and Adaption

Do you sleep most soundly on your back, or perhaps you prefer dozing on your side? For back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers alike — and even those who sprawl across the bed or hang off the edge — Puffy adapts perfectly and effortlessly to your sleeping style, supporting any and all positions with its firm core. Feel the increased energy and other health benefits Puffy provides — a world of a difference from any other mattress type.

Perfect Temperature Formula

Ever experience the intense discomfort of overheating at night while you toss and turn? Or how about shivering in your sleep, unable to get warm and comfortable at the same time? Your days of unsatisfactory sleep are over when you order a Puffy mattress. All of our mattresses are made with Puffy's Cooling Cloud formula, a gel layer designed to match a neutral temperature with your body and keep it at the optimal temperature all night long, offering you better sleep straight through until morning. No other mattress company can match our Cooling Cloud™ for a sounder sleep. On top of that, Puffy comes with our Cimate Comfort™ foam that make our mattresses resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations which can disrupt a peaceful night’s rest. It also prevents seasonal expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, which means you get a consistent and comfortable feeling year-round.

Adaptable to Any Surface

Where will your mattress go? Does your bed consist of a traditional box spring, a modern adjustable frame, a slatted frame or a flat frame? Maybe you even put your mattress directly on the floor — it's all part of your sleeping style. With other mattresses like traditional options or Nectar's memory foam, your comfort while sleeping might depend on your mattress's compatibility with your bed frame and surface — but not Puffy. Designed to work with any kind of frame and surface, Puffy is comfortable, supportive, adaptive and accommodating no matter where you place it — which certainly can't be said in a Nectar mattress review.

"Why Settle For Anything But The Best? Sleep On A Puffy"


The Perfect Choice for Better Sleep

Free Shipping

Worried about the potential costs or hassle of transporting or shipping something as large and expensive as a mattress? With Puffy, you don't have to worry about handling or extra shipping costs. Any mattress you purchase with Puffy will be dispatched directly to your door in 1 - 2 business days after you place your order — for no extra charge. Sleep should be effortless, and achieving even better sleep should be easy — that's why we deliver straight to you to for your convenience and easiest use.

Lifetime Warranty

Once you experience the incredible supportive powers and sleep-enhancing comfort of a Puffy mattress, we're certain you'll fall back in love with sleep and be completely satisfied. But even though we know you'll love your Puffy, we offer you a lifetime warranty and full coverage of your Puffy mattress for as long as you own it. If anything ever goes wrong with your mattress, we'll replace it cost-free.

101-Night Sleep Trial

Are you considering incorporating a Puffy mattress into your life to improve your sleep and your lifestyle — but you're not completely certain about it yet? There's no need to fret! You can give your Puffy a try for 101 nights, worry-free. Like we mentioned, your mattress will go to a charity at no cost to you if you don't completely fall in love with it — but we're more than confident Puffy will change the way you sleep for the better. What other mattress company can offer those terms?

Unbeatable Price

While other memory foam mattress companies — including Nectar — charge incredibly steep prices for a good night's sleep, Puffy offers you the best sleep of your life at the best price possible, delivered straight to your door with no shipping charge. Are you ready to fall in love with sleep again and feel the difference Puffy provides? Discover the possibilities and purchase online today.

Try Puffy & Experience Sleep Perfected

Get the Best Sleep Ever - Guaranteed or Your Money Back


Mattress Reviewers Prefer Puffy

"It's a cloud you can sleep on"

"Sleep on it, & suddenly you’re in the clouds!"

"Feeling of sleeping on an airy cloud"