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Puffy vs Saatva

The Honest Breakdown

Find out why so many sleepers choose Puffy over the competition.

If you’re trying to decide whether to purchase a Puffy or Saatva mattress, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s see how Puffy stacks up against the competition:

A side-by-side comparison

Lifetime Warranty
Stain-Resistant Cover
Uses Cooling Gel Foam
Better Edge Support
Arrives within 3 business days or less on average


What Sleep Experts Say About Puffy vs Saatva

"The Puffy wins easily. Case closed”

“The Puffy should be the better mattress for couples.”

“Puffy is a great investment for an unmatched comfortable sleep.”

“And finally, this is one soft mattress, so could do wonders for anyone in search of a gentle, soothing structure."

BBB Rating

We Take Pride in Our Customer Service

Accredited? Yes Yes
Customer Complaints 5 15

Puffy Reviews

"Great brand, I will shop again. They helped with my lost package that FedEx misdelivered. Very pleasant to deal with. The mattress is top notch."

-Dina W.

"I made the right choice by buying our family mattresses from this company. They were helpful in every step of the way. Simple buying and delivery process can't be beat."

-Victor F.

"A very helpful company that provides top of the line products. My package was damaged on delivery, not sure how it happened, but they took care of it in a hurry. I will continue to shop from here."

-Ella Y

"Pleasant company to deal with. They delivered to Canada in time. I recommend them to my peers."

-Ray L.

Overall Score

Puffy is consistently ranked as the preferred mattress when it comes to third-party review sites comparing the Puffy vs. Saatva. From our build quality, customer support, to the overall comfort of our mattress – reviewers love Puffy.

Overall Rating 9.5 9.4
Motion Transfer 9.2 8.1
Customer Satisfaction 9.6 9.4
Price Value 9.4 9.3

*References: https://sleepsherpa.com/mattress-reviews/

*References: https://www.slumbersearch.com/puffy-vs-saatva-mattress-reviews

*Information gathered as of May 1st, 2019.

Puffy may compensate third-parties for purchases made through the links in their reviews.


Puffy Mattress vs. Saatva Mattress: General

The Puffy Mattress is designed to make every night feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. The mattress has a body-adapting formula that melds to the contours of your body, a gel layer that creates a cooler sleeping experience, a ClimateComfort™ layer that has advanced temperature-resistant materials that combat climate fluctuations, and layers created specifically to give you the optimum amount of pressure relief. Instead of finding a mattress store, you can experience the comfort of Puffy for the first time in your own home. The Puffy is delivered for free right to your front door. After you take it out of the box, you can place it anywhere — a slatted bed frame, a box spring, a flat frame, adjustable frame or no frame at all. Once you have the Puffy, you have 101 nights to test it out. Take your time finding out if the Puffy Mattress is right for you. If you decide you like sleeping on your own personal cloud, the mattress is covered by a lifetime warranty. If it isn't right for you, you can return the mattress for free.

The mattress of your dreams arriving right at your doorstep probably sounds pretty magical, but Puffy is not the only mattress you can buy online. The Saatva mattress is another popular option. Let's dive into a Saatva mattress vs. Puffy Mattress comparison across six categories to find out which one offers the best sleep.

1. Design

How does design differ in the Puffy vs. Saatva comparison?

The 10-inch thick Puffy Mattress features three layers. The first layer is 4 inches of our Cooling Cloud Foam. This gel-infused foam is designed to increase airflow while you sleep, ensuring your body heat does not make for an uncomfortable sleep experience. The second layer of the mattress is 2 inches of our ClimateComfort™ foam that has temperature-resistant capabilities. The third layer of the mattress is 6 inches of our firm core support foam. This layer gives sleepers the support and spinal alignment they need for a restful night of sleep. The Puffy Mattress comes in twin, twin extra-long, full, queen, king and California king sizes. The Saatva mattress has four layers that add up to a 14.5-inch mattress. The top layer is 1.25 inches of poly foam with 0.75 inches of cotton covering. The second layer is 5/8 inches of poly foam. The other layers consist of 3/8 inches memory foam, 2.5 inches of polyfoam, 4 inches of pocket coils, and 7 inches of bonnell coils.

When it comes to design, both are made to provide a cool and supportive sleep experience, but the Puffy's Cooling Cloud Foam keeps you cooler, and the support foam is more responsive. From a design perspective, the Puffy comes out ahead.

2. Comfort

Mattress comfort is a multifaceted issue that depends largely on the person, but firmness and temperature are the two main factors. A mattress that is too soft can cause back pain. You sink into the bed, and the natural curve of your spine is not supported. Likewise, most people do not want to sleep on a mattress that is so firm you feel like you are lying on a slab of concrete. A bed that's too hard can put pressure on your joints, especially if you're a side sleeper.

When it comes to sleep temperature, the ideal is 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit in your bedroom. That means cooler temperatures are better for a restorative night's rest. You can adjust the temperature in your room, but that will do little good if your mattress is baking you in your sleep. Let's take a look at Saatva vs. Puffy comfort.

Puffy promises comfort for back and side sleepers, which are the most common sleep position choices. Nearly half of Americans — 47 percent — sleep on their side in the fetal position. Another 19 percent of people sleep in other positions on their sides. Approximately 18 percent of people tend to sleep in varying positions flat on their back. When it comes to firmness, the Puffy Mattress ranks at around 7 on a scale of 0 to 10, which makes it ideal for most sleeping positions.

Additionally, that level of firmness offers sufficient support for more weight. Heavier people and couples will find the Puffy Mattress quite supportive. The Puffy mattress's gel-infused foam will keep sleepers cool throughout the night. The foam is designed to increase airflow eight times better than typical memory foam.

The Saatva mattress has three different levels of firmness. When it comes to temperature, the Saatva mattress also has a foam layer dedicated to a cooler sleeping experience.

How does Saatva vs. Puffy shake out when it comes to comfort? The answer to this one can be pretty subjective. Both mattresses help you sleep cooler, but the Puffy Mattress has enough firmness, which can offer slightly more support and is good for a variety of sleeping positions.

3. Motion Transfer

"Motion transfer" may be an unfamiliar term, but it's an essential factor to consider when selecting your new mattress. Motion transfer refers to how much movement you will feel on the mattress when your partner shifts or tosses and turns in their sleep. Cut down on those sleep-disrupting mattress squeaks and movements with a mattress that has good motion isolation. How do the Puffy and Saatva mattresses do on this front?

Foam mattresses typically outperform mattresses made of other materials when it comes to motion transfer, and Puffy is no exception. The mattress's memory foam materials allow partners to sleep in the same bed without every little turn being a sleep disruption. You can feel like you are sleeping on your own personal cloud, despite your partner being just a few inches away.

The Saatva mattress has spring coils, which means that there will be exceptional motion transfer when sleeping on the bed. This is not an ideal situation for couples or anyone who is a light sleeper and may be disturbed by movement.

Puffy's design offers more motion isolation, making it the better choice, especially if you or your partner are a restless sleeper.


"Why Settle For Anything But The Best? Sleep On A Puffy"


4. Durability

When you buy a mattress, you want it to be comfortable, but you also want it to last. All of the nifty features are worth very little if the mattress needs to be replaced shortly after buying it. The average mattress will last approximately eight years. Let's take a look at the durability of Saatva mattress vs. Puffy Mattress.

The Puffy Mattress is designed with longevity in mind. When you buy a Puffy Mattress, you can expect seven to 12 years of restful sleep before you need to think about mattress shopping again. This lifespan can vary depending on the weight placed on the mattress and how often it is used.

The Puffy Mattress comes with a lifetime warranty, assuring you the product is made to last. During the first 10 years of the warranty, we will repair or replace your mattress free of charge if you experience any materials or workmanship defects. After a decade of ownership, Puffy sleepers can take the "Quick Sleep" option, which means we will deliver a brand-new mattress right to your door for half the original price.

Most innerspring mattresses last from 6-7 years, and this is around the same lifespan you can expect from a Saatva mattress. Saatva includes a Euro-top construction to their beds, which is generally linked to below-average durability.

Saatva mattresses come with a 15-year non-prorated warranty. After the first two years of this warranty, Saatva will repair and re-cover a mattress for a transportion fee of $99 each way (a total of $198).

It is clear that the Puffy mattress is superior in terms of longevity and the warranty policy. Puffy goes further in guaranteeing its work with a lifetime warranty and the "Quick Sleep" option.

5. Setup Process

If you have never ordered a mattress online, you are probably used to having delivery people come from a store to set up your new mattress. Even worse, you remember lugging home a mattress in your car and maneuvering it up the stairs and through doorways. Delivery with Puffy and Saatva is a different experience. Take a look at how the Saatva vs. Puffy Mattress setup experience differs.

All Puffy Mattresses are delivered for free to your doorstep via FedEx. Delivery will take 1-3 business days. Once your shipment arrives, you will find a 42-inch by 19-inch package. The package will vary in weight, depending on what size mattress you select. For example, a twin-size Puffy Mattress will be 41 pounds, while a king-size Puffy Mattress will be 87 pounds.

Once you open your package, you will be able to set up the mattress with one or two people. All Puffy Mattresses are made to order, which means the mattress isn't made until you place your order and then immediately wrapped and shipped to you. This reduces the amount of time the mattress spends wrapped in plastic, which can lead to unpleasant odors when you take it out of the packaging.

Once you are ready to set up your Puffy Mattress, you will place the roll on the bed frame or surface of your choice. Remove any plastic and unroll the mattress. Remove the airtight plastic seal. Allow the mattress time to expand.

Saatva averages 5-20 business days to complete your order. This is well over the 8-day average in the online mattress industry. Saatva mattresses weigh significantly more than Puffy Mattresses, making delivery and setup more difficult – especially for someone working alone. A queen-sized Saatva weighs around 120 pounds for the 14.5-inch model.

6. Value

A mattress is an investment, both monetarily speaking and in terms of your nighttime comfort. People want to know they are getting their money's worth without overpaying. Let's take a look at the Puffy mattress vs. Saatva and the question of value.

The price of the Puffy mattress ranges between $899 for a twin and $1,599 for a California King. The high-quality, hand-crafted mattresses come with CertiPUR-US® certified foam, the 101-night sleep trial, free shipping and returns and a lifetime warranty. Puffy also makes donations to children in need of beds.

The Saatva cost varies between $799 for a twin and $1,799 for a California king. Saatva mattresses come with free shipping, but should you wish to return it after the sleep trial you will pay a $99 return fee.

How does the value of each mattress compare? Puffy offers a lifetime warranty compared to Saatva 15-year warranty. On top of that, Saatva charges you a fee should you decide it isn’t the right fit for you. Puffy is also a more economical choice. Considering the quality, price and guarantee that comes with Puffy, the value is clear.

Why You Should Buy a Puffy Mattress

Making a mattress decision can be tough. You want to choose just the right one, a mattress you look forward to sleeping on every night. Saatva and Puffy both score well on design and comfort, but Puffy stands out in many ways.

Puffy outperforms Saatva on motion transfer and durability, both crucial characteristics for determining the value of any potential mattress. Puffy has a longer life expectancy, and on top of that offers a lifetime warranty. With high-quality materials, a handcrafted design created with your comfort in mind, low motion transfer, warranty-backed durability and competitive pricing, Puffy has an undeniable value that is tough to beat.

If you're ready to give the Puffy Mattress a try, start browsing our online store and order your own personal cloud today.

Try Puffy & Experience Sleep Perfected

Get the Best Sleep Ever - Guaranteed or Your Money Back



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