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Puffy vs Purple

The Honest Breakdown

Customers Prefer Sleeping on Puffy

Find out why so many sleepers choose Puffy over the competition.

If you’re trying to decide whether to purchase a Puffy or Purple mattress, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s see how Puffy stacks up against the competition:

A side-by-side comparison

101- Night Sleep Trial
Lifetime Warranty
Sheets Fit Properly
Stain-Resistant Cover
Uses Cooling Gel Foam
Better Edge Support
Normal Surface Texture
Arrives within 3 business days or less on average
Our Sleep Guide Winner


What Sleep Experts Say About Puffy vs Purple

"At the end when choosing between these two beds we enjoyed sleeping on the Puffy more than the Purple mattress. It has a much more consistent feel as well as ample support.”

“In terms of quality and cost-based value, Puffy is a better mattress than Purple.“

“Puffy is a great investment for an unmatched comfortable sleep.”

“And finally, this is one soft mattress, so could do wonders for anyone in search of a gentle, soothing structure."

Puffy Reviews

"Great brand, I will shop again. They helped with my lost package that FedEx misdelivered. Very pleasant to deal with. The mattress is top notch."

-Dina W.

"I made the right choice by buying our family mattresses from this company. They were helpful in every step of the way. Simple buying and delivery process can't be beat."

-Victor F.

"A very helpful company that provides top of the line products. My package was damaged on delivery, not sure how it happened, but they took care of it in a hurry. I will continue to shop from here."

-Ella Y

"Pleasant company to deal with. They delivered to Canada in time. I recommend them to my peers."

-Ray L.

Overall Score

Puffy is consistently ranked as the preferred mattress when it comes to third-party review sites comparing the Puffy vs. Purple. From our build quality, customer support, to the overall comfort of our mattress – reviewers love Puffy.

Overall Rating 4.68 4.41
Comfort 4.67 4.56
Value 4.64 4.35
Materials 4.65 4.28
Off-Gassing 4.84 4.25
Trial Period 4.50 4.50
Motion Transfer 4.92 4.50
Edge Support 4.54 4.00
Warranty 4.80 4.50

*References: www.oursleepguide.com

Puffy may compensate third-parties for purchases made through the links in their reviews.


Puffy Mattress vs. Purple Mattress: Overview

Studies have shown the average person spends one-third of their life sleeping. That's a lot of time to spend on a mattress you don't like. It's even more time to spend on one that causes you back pain, neck pain or stiffness in the morning. If you're going to spend that much time on a mattress, don't you think it should be a good one?

After several years of research and development, including numerous sleep trials, the Puffy Mattress hit the market with a bang. Made in Canada with environmentally friendly practices, its high-quality foam design has quickly cultivated a reputation as a comfortable, supportive mattress, especially for people with back pain.

Because of its unique, one-of-a-kind construction, as well as its online-only sales method, Puffy often gets compared to the Purple Mattress, another alternative to traditional mattresses that is available online and heralded as a comfortable solution for pain-free sleeping. There are some similarities between these mattresses, which have left some shoppers confused over which to buy. However, while these products do have things in common, there are some significant differences between them which can — and should — have a major impact on which one you choose.

So, as you're doing your research, allow us to chime in and give you an overview of the Puffy vs. Purple Mattress debate.

Puffy Mattress vs. Purple Mattress: Construction

At only 10 inches thick, the Puffy Mattress consists of two layers. The top layer is a gel-infused top layer manufactured with Puffy's environmentally friendly Variable Pressure Foaming process. The base layer, which is also the core support layer, is comprised of non-latex polyurethane foam. The mattress is designed to be firm, but comfortable, and also keeps you cool, rather than trapping heat like some memory foam mattresses that claim similar benefits to your body.

In addition to the three layers, the Puffy Mattress also has a removable, washable cover you can unzip and clean whenever you want to. Since this mattress boasts a lifetime guarantee, this is an especially appealing feature because mattresses get dirty over time.

Another unique thing about the construction of the Puffy Mattress is that it is made to order. Rather than sitting around in a warehouse somewhere, the mattress you receive didn't come to life until you’ve placed your order. After workers assemble it, the Puffy Mattress gets compressed for shipping and will arrive rolled up, not in its full size. Because it doesn't get constructed until you order, the mattress you get is truly brand-new, with none of its material degraded or compromised.

The Purple Mattress varies in thickness depending on which model you purchase. Technically, it is not a memory foam mattress, although it has several of the same benefits. Purple is different from its competitors because of its Smart Comfort Grid™, which provides the support and comfort of a memory foam mattress, but does not actually employ the memory foam material. This grid is designed to flex under the pressure of your body — in theory, having the flexible support of this construction provides even support with minimal motion transfer, which we'll talk more about later. The grid construction also allows air to flow through the mattress, which prevents heat from getting trapped inside and creating a hot and uncomfortable sleeping surface.

The Purple comes with different materials depending on which model you buy — "Original" or "New." In the Original model, the bottom layers are polyurethane foam. In the New model — regardless of which thickness you select — a responsive support coil layer replaces the polyurethane foam.

Puffy vs. Purple: Firmness

Memory foam mattresses, in general, have a reputation for exceptional firmness, which is why they can be such an excellent option for people with back or joint pain. They aim to provide outstanding support that minimizes movement at night, as well as sleep disruptions. However, when it comes to the firmness of Puffy and Purple, there are some notable differences.

Of the two, the Puffy Mattress is firmer overall, ranking on several scales at a 7 out of 10 for firmness — with 1 being not firm at all and 10 being as firm as you can get. But don't let that no. 7 rating fool you. Even though it is notable for its exceptional firmness, it provides excellent support by still being soft enough to mould to the curves of your body. It is an especially ideal option for people who sleep on their back or side, but, even if you're a stomach sleeper, you're still likely to find it provides the support and comfort you need for a full night's sleep.

With several models to choose from, firmness varies for the Purple Mattress, starting around 5.5 on the firmness scale and moving up to 8 or so. The Original model isn't quite as firm as the Puffy, but if you opt to customize the top layer of the New model, you can select a top layer based on how firm you'd like your mattress to be. Depending on which you choose, it may end up less firm than the Puffy, or it may be more firm.

Puffy vs. Purple: Cooling

Cooling is an important topic when you're talking about mattresses built around memory foam or similar materials. Why? Because memory foam works by responding to the heat and pressure of your body to create the support you need by moulding to you. In other words, they absorb heat. While this is excellent because it helps the materials conform to the individual contours of your body, warmth can also become trapped inside, heating up the mattress and your body and creating a less-than-ideal sleeping temperature. Most people don't sleep well when they are hot and sweaty.

"Puffy [...] gives you the benefits of a mattress that conforms to your body without the higher temperatures that may disrupt your sleep."

The great thing about both of these mattresses is their advanced technology allows you to get all the benefits of the memory foam concept without the downsides. However, there are a few differences in their structure to prevent overheating at night.

The Puffy Mattress' construction includes a cooling layer over the memory foam. The cooling layer acts as a barrier to the foam, giving you the benefits of a mattress that conforms to your body without the higher temperatures that may disrupt your sleep.

Because the Purple Mattress uses the Smart Comfort Grid™, it doesn't have a layer of memory foam. Not only does it not have memory foam in the mattress, but the grid construction promotes improved airflow and keeps the surface cool while you sleep.

"Why Settle For Anything But The Best? Sleep On A Puffy"


Purple Mattress vs. Puffy Mattress: Support

When you're talking about support in a mattress, you're looking at a couple of different things: Does it support an individual's body? And, does it allow for two people to sleep comfortably together without waking each other up all night long?

One of the best things about both the Puffy and Purple Mattresses is that they are designed to minimize "motion transfer" — that is, the movement that happens when one person turns, shifts or gets out of bed. If you've shared a bed with anyone for any length of time, you know one of the hardest parts about sharing that space is that one — or perhaps both — of you tend to wake up any time the other person rolls over or gets out of bed. These disruptions can cause broken sleep and leave you exhausted from the moment you wake up.

Owners of both the Puffy and the Purple report fewer instances of the movement of their partners disturbing their sleep, which means better sleep all around. The firmness of the surface, as well as their overall construction, allows people to sleep together without sensing every time their partner turned or got out of bed for a midnight snack.

Puffy vs. Purple: Edge Support

What's edge support? This term refers to the overall construction of your mattress. It shouldn't just stand up to weight in the center — it should also support your weight when you sit on the edge of the bed. Solid edges will have a direct impact on how comfortable you are, as well as how durable the mattress will be over time.

Overall, Puffy's support is consistent from edge to edge and holds up well, whether you are sleeping or sitting on the side. On the other hand, some have noted the Purple lacks support around the edges and even gives users the feeling of rolling off the bed if they get too close to the edge while sleeping.

Puffy vs. Purple: Trial Period and Warranties

Besides their unique construction, Puffy and Purple stand apart from traditional mattresses because both of these products are only available online. That means you can't visit a showroom and try them out to compare them or determine which feels better. The good news is that both offer generous trial periods for buyers to test out their purchase and make sure they're happy with their new mattress, as well as excellent warranty packages designed to deal with problems in the unlikely event they occur.

The Puffy Mattress offers buyers 101 days to test out their purchase, along with a lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty for a mattress is very unusual, but the makers of Puffy have designed this mattress to be the last mattress you will ever buy. It only makes sense: If it's built to last a lifetime, they make sure to cover you with a warranty for a lifetime as well. Now that's a good deal!

The Purple Mattress offers buyers a 100-day trial period. However, they only offer a 10-year warranty with their mattresses. If you have any problems during that time, the manufacturer will work with you to address and correct the problem.

Puffy vs. Purple: Models and Pricing

While these mattresses do offer many similarities in their makeup and functionality, there are some stark differences, not only in the benefits they offer, but the price as well.

Puffy offers two models — the Puffy Mattress and the Puffy Lux Mattress. The queen-sized Puffy costs $1,299, while the queen-sized Puffy Lux is available for $2,149. Sizes ranging from twin to California king are available.

The Purple Mattress is available in two models — Original and New — but the pricing is more varied because you can customize the top layer of the New model. In general, a queen-sized Purple mattress comes in at $1,149. A queen-sized New model ranges from $1,699 to $2,299. Sizes from twin to California king are available.

Besides the costs of the beds themselves, it's important to note Puffy generally will fit any standard-sized sheets. Purple, on the other hand, tends to be harder to fit. Unless you're using sheets made out of a stretchy material, you may find your sheets don't easily fit over the sides. You may end up needing to purchase new sheets, an additional expense that could be substantial depending on which size mattress you need to purchase.

And, while the weight of a mattress may not be something you've considered in the past, it's worth noting that the Puffy weighs only 69 pounds for a queen size, while the Purple's heavy polymer layer leaves a queen size weighing in at 110 pounds. If you're planning on moving at any point after you purchase your mattress, their weight could be an important factor to consider.

Additional Thoughts and Why You Should Buy a Puffy

The Puffy vs. Purple debate can get confusing because they are both high-quality products that are designed to be long-lasting and provide nighttime comfort for sleepers of all ages and stages. Ultimately, only you know which mattress is the best for you. However, we hope you will recognize the benefits of selecting Puffy as your next mattress.

Why? With each mattress we make, our goal is to create a product that is going to improve the quality of your sleep.

By improving the quality of your sleep, research has shown you will likely find an increase in your overall health and well-being. So, when we make a good mattress, you get a good night's sleep. One good night's sleep leads to another, and then another and another. Before long, you aren't just enjoying a comfortable mattress during your sleeping hours. You're enjoying the benefits of a good mattress during your waking hours, too. How many people can say their mattress has a direct impact on the rest of their life?

Among other things, you'll likely notice you have more energy and, if you suffer from joint or back pain, you may also see a decrease in your discomfort levels, especially when you wake up in the morning. Your body may also show improved blood circulation and improved spinal alignment. Our mattress is designed to help you roll over less during the night — proven to impact sleep — and obtain a deeper, more restorative sleep as well.

If you're interested in learning more about the Puffy Mattress, or you're ready to take the plunge and purchase one for yourself, contact us today. We can't wait for you to see how a good night's sleep will change your life.

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