The Puffy Mattress


Help provide a bed to children who don't have one

Spread the Word

Help Donate a Puffy Mattress to a Child in Need!

1) Post a photo jumping on a bed to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter
2) Tag the photo with #jumpforkids
3) Nominate 3+ friends to complete within 24 hours

It's that easy! For every 100 posts, Puffy will donate a mattress to shelters for homeless youth.

Share a Photo of you jumping on a bed

And tag it with #JumpForKids

Let's Make a Difference Together

Did your parents ever tell you that you weren't allowed to jump on the bed as a kid? Well Puffy wants YOU to have fun and JUMP for a good cause! Recreate some of your favorite childhood memories by jumping on a bed. You'll have fun and most importantly - help homeless children in need.

More than 2 million kids face homelessness each year

That's 1 child
for every 30 children

Why Give a Bed?

It's hard to imagine children seeking shelter and sleeping wherever they can. For most of us we don't think about where we are going to sleep tonight let alone if there will be a bed waiting for us. A bed may not seem like the most pressing social issue but studies have shown that a lack of a good night's sleep plays a negative role in a child’s development and their education.

Jump Together

Challenge your friends, family, coworkers, celebrities, and leaders to jump in on the cause and have important conversations about youth homelessness. Join us to jump start the movement. #jumpforkids

The Challenge

Capture the exact moment of you jumping on the bed while in mid-air! Bonus points are awarded for creativity or if you jump the highest.

No child should bE
Without a Bed


Puffy is Already Working With and Donating To:

- Teen Challenge -
- Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter -
- St. Vincent de Paul -
- The Mission of Hope -
- Nashville Rescue Mission -
- Penny Lane Center -

Help us expand and reach further by spreading the word! #jumpforkids